Avalon again 2005

Avalon again 2005

Friday, April 13, 2007

Personal Profile

My name is Valentin Tassev. I am twenty-five years old and currently I live and study in Johannesburg, South Africa. I have obtained a BA degree majoring in International Relations and Media Studies, a BA (Honours) degree in International Relations and I have almost completed my MA degree in International Relations.
I am fluent in Bulgarian, English, Russian and Italian. I have also done Latin, ancient Greek, ancient Bulgarian, modern Greek and French. My passion is indeed studying foreign languages and cultures. In particular, i am interested in a career in diplomacy and international relations or any journalism (or publishing)-related field.
I enjoy writing, watching movies and playing soccer in my free time. I hope that the current work-training programme will teach me a lot about the world of work and it will help me to implement myself succesfully into the workplace. Thus, I will try my best to make use of it! So far, it has been really an amazing exoerience for me.


Susan Arthur said...

Hi Valentin
I love your blog name! I enjoyed reading your blog so far and find it really interesting that you can speak so many languages.
I have a few comments on your writing: it's important to change your 'I's' to capital letters. You say that the world of work programme has been an amazing experience for you- that's quite a vague word and doesn't mean too much. Why has it been amazing? What have you liked about it? It's better to be specific. Also, correct the spelling mistake in 'experience'. Hope this helps.

Celeste said...

Hi Valentin

Your second blog caught my eye. What an amazing thing it must be to speak so many languages. I'm still in the process of applying for a Mandarin course. I think for anyone to understand this language, so many doors will open up seeing that China is well on its way to become an economic superpower.

So maybe you should think of adding this language to your list?

Good luck with the training and I look forward to hearing more from the Bulgarian Stallion.



mbuso said...

Hey Valentin, Its good to see you engage with interesting topics such as the relationship between education and work, which I think you treat so well. In your post in which you discuss Hofmeyr, It could have been interesting if you could have discussed the Hofmeyr Conversion model.
As Susan has pointed out, you need to pay attention to some typographical issues such as "Is". You need to pay attention to grammar as well. It is not so bad but in some places you are not as clear as you intend to be.Otherwise your posts make an intersting read.
Thank you for reading my blog and making comments. I really appreciate it.