Avalon again 2005

Avalon again 2005

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Stress Management-How to Fight Stress?

Shameen Naidu’s session on stress management was one of the most emotional experiences of this programme for me. Apart from revealing some general information about the causes of stress, stress management and the consequences of stress, she really took us through a stress-relieving practice that left all of us in a good shape after the session.
In fact, the same day I was extremely stressed about something and yet her hypnosis made me feel much better, forget my fears, problems and worries, and look at life from a much more positive perspective. I am looking forward to meeting her again and I will definitely make use of some of these self-relieving exercises in the future.


The entrepreneur?
Marius Venter’s session was a very relaxing introductory session into what entrepreneurship really means. By giving us various interesting exercises, he aimed to engage us into an activity that we perform as both entrepreneurs and businessmen. Honestly speaking, prior to his presentation I did not have a clue of what all these complex terms, such as “entrepreneurship,” mean and I was also not interested to know.
However, his presentation and various exercises revealed the number of skills and strategies that we should develop and employ when entering the world of work. In fact, his presentation revealed once again that the process of finding and securing a job is a matter of developing your skills and abilities in various directions. Eventually, you would find a job that does not only test your strengths and abilities in this specific sector or area of expertise, but a job that takes you through a life-training course!

My Friend or my Enemy? "THE CUSTOMER"

Who is in fact the customer? My friend or my enemy?

Aki Kaliatakis’ presentation was extremely insightful to me in terms of revealing new ways to look at the issue of customer care and customer service into the realm of the work-place. Indeed, he illustrated that professionalism into the work-place does not only revolve around being competent about your own product and advertising your service, but also about how you treat your customer. As far as I understood, the way you built up your communication with the customer is completely driven by your own inter-personal skills and attributes.
As much as you can follow your company’s procedures and guidelines in terms of customer service, yet your relationship with the customer should be a reflection of your true-self. And only then the communication and interaction would be real, as much as the smile on your face would reveal the joy and satisfaction you have gained from dealing with that specific customer.
Aki’s presentation was also impressive in terms of the approach he chose to deal and interact with us-his audience. Consciously or unconsciously, we (or maybe I) believed every word that he said. The jokes he made and the references to his own personal life revealed him as an honest and a very pleasant person to me. He really made this session an unforgettable experience for me!