Avalon again 2005

Avalon again 2005

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Where From Now?

Few days ago, I was just informed that I will be successfully completing my MA degree in International Relations at Wits University in November. My research report has just come back from my external examiner and it is a subject to minor corrections, mostly technical and grammatical errors.
It has been really such a long time and effort to reach this end. In fact, I came back from overseas only in order to complete this degree. However, only now I realise that this has been a worthwhile effort and I should not regret that I enrolled for a Master's programme two years ago.
It is also surprising that right now I feel challenged and motivated to study again. If anybody asked me few months ago if I was going to study again after the completion of my Master's degree, I would have definitely said "no". And now it seems that the challenge has just begun, with a full new speed and big courage.
Yet, I also have so many other things that I am currently busy with and I will be for quite a while. Thus, the new job (internship) seems quite challenging and there are still many more projects coming up soon (I will talk about that in a separate blog post).
On the other hand, I need to expand on my social life, but this again is related to time and money. Eventually, I have been thinking about renewing my guitar lessons, but this initiative seems almost impossible at present (again because of the reasons mentioned above).
I guess all decisions will come straight away after I complete this degree and graduate. On the other hand, I want to give myself a little break before I go to Bulgaria in early December. Yet, this experience will be both a lot of fun and yet a challenging experience (I am a bit afraid of how the experience in Bulgaria might reflect on me).
I guess, I will come back to the same question raised in the session on "emotional intelligence" by Shammen Naidoo:
"Know Yourself!" (as philosopher Socrates said long time ago)
(In this regard, check one of my previous blog posts-it talks about that.)
But, let's talks about that next time!


Ijeoma Uche-Okeke said...

Hello Valentin, congratulations on the successful completion of your masters report. I am green with envy!! I am really enjoying being here at Bard. It is located in a very picturesque area. Absolutely beautiful. I'll keep you posted as events unfold. All the best, wish I could've been there to dance at your grad party.

Susan Arthur said...

Congratulations! I'm sure it's a wonderful feeling to finally be finished the mammoth task that is a masters thesis.

Thomas Blaser said...

What was your report on? There are so many things you have going for you, wow, I see great fun and challenges coming up for you. Congrats, you have done well and will do so in future.

Adam N. Mukendi said...

Wow! Spirit..Spirit-nice picture of you.
Congratulation for your Ma degree. While sending smses I was wondering if you were done with it. Happy for you. And now that you feel like climbing to PHd, I am not suprised- bcause people from eastern europe are very intelligent nd quiet..they don't talk too much like Americans. You are right-we need to know our self. Once you know your strenght, it's normal that we feel more confident. You back in Bulgaria after how many Year? For me just 4 year out of DRC I know that I will feel as a stranger once in my home country. I wish you the best-Mr Thousandjobs. Adam