Avalon again 2005

Avalon again 2005

Monday, February 4, 2008

"On the Crossroads"

It's been really a while since I wrote an e-mail and/or since I blogged for the last time.

Well, there have been a lot of changes in my life lately.

Last year in November I graduated with MA in International Relations and then I went with my brother to Bulgaria in December.

I came back to SA this week and my brother decided to stay there; in fact, Bulgaria influenced us both a lot.

In this regard, my visit to Bulgaria was indeed an amazing experience.

In fact, Bulgaria has changed a lot for these past five years since I went there for the last time.

It has become much more capitalistic and americanized; the young people are working hard, willing to make money and grow up in their careers and in general, the life has become much more dynamic and intensive.

I do not mean, however, that it is really easy for one to implement himself/herself in Bulgaria; in fact, the environment has become very competitive and the young people there are very well educated, talented and smart.

Just for a single position/job, you need to compete with really smart people.

Despite that, I saw that nowadays there are many opportunities for the young people in Bulgaria and some stand really a good chance to earn good money and grow up high professionally and in their careers.

For that reason, I decided to go back to Bulgaria and try to make a career there.

This is also what my brother decided to do; we came to the conclusion that at the moment we need to obtain some practical job experience and implement ourselves at the work-place and not just continue obtaining more and more degrees.

I felt quite challenged by the environment in Bulgaria and both the difficulties and opportunities it provides, so I made up my mind to go back there permanently in September this year.

In fact, I felt a little bit upset that I have been away from Bulgaria for the past seven years, I guess I miss my country, my environment and my people.

And above all, the GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!............................

But this would be another subject.

In fact, I am still not sure whether I would stay in Bulgaria for too long; I have also changed myself and I feel I need some time to adjust back to the environment there.

Well, I said to myself that if not in Bulgaria, then I would probably settle somewhere in Europe and this won't me a problem, because Bulgaria has already become an EU member and I can live, work and study in almost any country in Europe (or at least within the EU borders).

Well, let let the time show.

I hope that everyone is doing fine and I hope we will see each other soon!

As I said, I am still in SA at the moment and I am available for any meeting with the fellow participants in the "World of Work 2007".


Adam N. Mukendi said...

Yuh! Nice to read you Stallion. We really missed you. It is true that so much is happening in each and evryone life these days. I am just surprised hear that you missed " Bulgarian girl" Hummm.... I know that Samuel Eto would will agree with me. They still more happening with friend, keep in touch. Au revoir.

Thomas Blaser said...

Wow, you have so many possibilities. You can always come back here. In general, it is a good start looking for work in the country/city in which you have graduated. And sorry I did not make the soccer team but I am a bit swamped myself.

Ijeoma Uche-Okeke said...

Hey!! Thank you for your posts on my blog. It is wonderful to have you back. In case I don't see you before September (I may stay over here another year) please keep in touch via email.