Avalon again 2005

Avalon again 2005

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Me, the Recruiter and the Job

Last week's presentation by Dan Sorrenberg was a key introduction into the job interviewing process. I particularly enjoyed that he shared some of his impressions and expectations of constantly dealing with interviewees throughout his life.
Indeed, his presentation was extremely useful in terms of helping me understand how important is how one behaves before and during the job interview. In fact, your strenghts and weaknesses can come across the interview immediately, but one firstly needs to know what indeed he (she) is capable of. Thus, one needs to be clear of what he (she) expects out of this certain job, why he (she) wants it and whether he (she) would enjoy it. In fact, you should tell yourself constantly:
"Do not lie! Be honest!" (as Dan said).
These issues were indeed elaborated more in today's session presented by members of the CCDU from Wits. For that reason, I make the link between last week's presentation and today's presentation.

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