Avalon again 2005

Avalon again 2005

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Skills? Knowledge? Do we have them? How do we get them?

Today's session really revealed to me all the key-techniques and small details required in the process of finding a job. In particular, today's session provided a profound insight into the process of preparing for a job interview. On the other hand, the workshop on CV writing was extremely helpful towards preparing one for the different stages in writing your CV.
In this regard, the second part of the presentation highlighted the organisational structure and elements that characterise the process of job preparation. In particular, I realised how important it is for one to know how to prepare for a job interview and what his (her)expectations should be.
The first part of the presentation I enjoyed the most. The group discussion on the variety of skills required for the world of work made me realise some important things.
On the one hand, it helped me understand that the job training process is a lenghty process that involves the development of skills that you have never been exposed to before (as throughout your previous years of education). On the other hand, I realised that there is not a specific group of skills required for a certain type of job, rather any type of job could involve a variety of skills.
For example, a political analyst needs to have good presentation, oral and writing skills. This does not mean, however, that he (she) does not need to have good action-planning or management skills in order to put his (her) knowledge and ideas into practice.
Respectively, a company manager needs to have above all good management and action-planning skills. Yet, he (she) needs to develop good oral and communicative skills as well in order to communicate effectively with his (her) employees.
Eventually, the last thought that comes to my mind is that the job training process is a constant process of improving and developing your skills. In fact, nobody is born with skills, they are rather acquired and developed throughout your life (inside and outside of the workplace).
In this sense, the development of skills is a self-learning process, born out of experience, communication and interaction with others. As a matter of fact, we all learn from each other and there is not a right formula of how one develops a skill. As I said earlier, it is a matter of time and experience!

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